AuthorTopic: Problems for later
@2015-04-16 18:59:16
I think am seriously short of time now and kind of thinking to complete the reading sessions first and moving on to questions later.

Is this a bad idea/strategy???

@2015-05-05 11:35:24
At the minimum take the basic questions.
@2015-05-11 12:17:12
very bad strategy. unless you make it a part of your learning - you are just reading pages without really determining how much you really are understanding. Unless you already have a good background in all that's being said - this would be a bad strategy, imho.

It is very important to always check your knowledge - take the tests! You don?t realize that you don?t get the whole picture if you just read without trying to solve any questions.

At the minimum you should take analystnotes basic questions for each los/subject before you move on to the next los.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.