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@2018-08-31 13:59:07
Just wondering if I am progressing through the material in the right way. I will read through all of the material, take notes, highlight, and then do all of EOC , basic questions and review questions for each study session. Before I move onto the next section so far I have repeated these steps until I am at least scoring around an average of 75-80%.

I only have Economics, Portfolio management, and Alternative investments left and feel like I want to first and foremost finish all of the material. Then I plan on going back through all of the material and repeating the steps above except I will go straight to the review questions to see how much material I have retained. I also plan on taking 1 or 2 mock exams to see where I'm at as well. Then I plan on focusing on my weaker areas and really studying through that again. After I have thoroughly gone through the weaker areas I plan on taking a couple more mock exams and repeating if necessary.

As I get closer to the exam date I will try to completely memorize all of the important formulas but until then I plan on only memorizing them through doing a ton of practice problems.

Any thoughts?

@2018-09-01 15:38:54
You seem to be making good time. I would suggest going on the CFAI website and doing some of the topic based practice exams on areas you have finished. You will get questions worded just like the exam and see how you can apply the concepts to questions.

I would just note your current plan probably stresses the readings too much, and does not focus on answering questions enough. I would say you should plan on at least 3-4 mocks. I did my first with 5 weeks to go, and did 1 each weekend. I would spend the next week going through all the questions I struggled with & got wrong. Once you have a decent understanding of the material doing questions will help you understand more than going over your notes will. Going over material you already know is a waste of time. Do the questions and figure out what needs work.

I made physical index cards with formulas for each topic. Took them with me wherever I went (subway, downtime at work, waiting rooms etc) and that helped me nail down a lot of the formulas.
@2018-09-18 20:30:46
Yeah, I agree with baish52403. I would try to do some practice review questions everyday. I scatter them throughout the day and practice on my phone whenever I have some time to spare, going over past topics that I've covered already. If you don't practice old topics regularly, it's easy to forget and you'd overestimate how much you've actually remembered.

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