AuthorTopic: PwC salaries in the UK????
@2014-12-27 14:06:17
Does anyone here work for PwC in the UK and can give me some insight on salaries paid to Junior Analysts (with up to 3 yrs of work experience)? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
@2014-12-30 18:49:15
Hi Jared. It's me Aida. Where are you now ? Have you heard from Poca and Chi-town ? Cheers
@2015-01-12 04:10:16
Hey Aida,

How are you? I am in London now trying to find a job, which turns out to be harder than expected. Passing level I and having 3 yrs US analysis experience doesn't account for much over here - unfortunately. Finally got an interview but need to find out a range that they pay before I walk in there and make outrageous demands. The ranges here for the same type of jobs are astonishing!!! Sometimes as much as ?60k! What are you up to now?

@2015-02-16 08:21:23
I am OK. I passed the exam as well with analystnotes's study package and questions only. Glad it's now over. Have you heard from Poca and Chi-town. I remembered the difficult time we had prior to the exam. I have changed job from analyst to portfolio manager few months ago. Hope you can find jobs in London soon.

Good luck and keep in touch.


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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh