AuthorTopic: Quantitative Methods: Application
@2009-04-29 06:57:35
I have been though all the study seasions and have got a good understanding of them however I have no idea of study session 3 Quantative methods: application except for the trading part. For some reason or other I cannot understand statistics. Has anybody ever had this problem? Is it possible to pass if I leave all this out?
@2009-04-29 21:52:10
Hi, wanna to check. Will there be any formula sheet given out on that day ?
@2009-05-16 20:07:30
No, no formula sheet. You get nothing on test day but the test itself! (And z/t tables, maybe. If they decide you need them for the problems they ask or not.)
@2009-05-17 15:56:47
Hey raymondg, i have the exact problem. I'm sitting for L2, so appreciate if someone can give some insights..

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