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@2018-11-01 05:25:38

My major is in journalism and I dropped advanced maths at junior college.

I wonder if its possible for me to actually do the CFA program? I have taken some rudimentary courses in finance and accounting as well as company law and I've worked for a while in financial PR Other than that, my experience with finance is rather limited.
@2018-11-02 13:20:21
If you think you can then you can!!

I'm an engineer with neither finance work experience nor course studies in finance!!
@2018-11-13 08:28:24
This program is EXCEPTIONALLY difficult. Without a very strong accounting background; passing the Financial Statement Analysis section of Level I or Level II will be almost impossible. The level I exam can be passed without a great deal of financial background; but Level II is exponetionaly more difficult. Good luck.
@2019-03-04 11:35:23
All the material is provided in the text books, so in a way no prior knowledge is needed, however it would help immensly. Some people will be starting with a higher level of understanding and may be able to brush over some concepts. While others, myself included, had to look over some areas several times before I understood it.
I was an economics major. I took 1st year accounting at university, and have not looked at it since.
Prior experience is not necessary, it just depends on how you apply yourself and your willingness to apply yourself. Just put aside a lot of time.
If you truly have the motivation to pass, and put in the time and effort then a pass for you is far from an impossibility.
I am currently attempting my level 2 in June 2019.

Best of luck.

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