AuthorTopic: Question for Anyone who Passed Level 1 - are you surprised
@2013-01-17 03:10:41
Is there anyone out there who was actually surprised that they passed Level 1 after taking the exam? I feel I was pretty prepared but found it difficult to manage my time during the test and seemed to make a lot of guesses. Of course, I don't remember the easy questions, so I think that has something to do with it. (Except, of course, the ones on which I made silly mistakes.) I just don't know what it would feel like to get hammered on the test but actually pass.
@2013-01-27 14:33:16
Yeah.. Just got my results and was shocked to see that I had passed. I left the exam in December 100% sure I had failed. I passed everything except Portfolio Management with >70%. Much like you, I went into the exam feeling very prepard but in the end thought I had bombed it. What a great feeling to know that hard work does pay off!!! (Short lived of course.. Level deuce just around the corner).
@2013-01-27 17:46:44
Count me in, I was shocked that I passed, I was pretty sure I failed the test and after looking at the 34% pass rate I was confirming my fate. I was very prepared but made lots of guesses and found both exams hard especially the afternoon session as i found my concentration falling. But managed to get 7 sections >70%, 2 sections 51-70%, and 1 section <50% (alternative investment -_-)

congrats to anyone who passed!!
@2013-01-27 21:48:56
definitely NOT LESS than 300 - 400 hrs (if you're 'normal' that is)

Just the AnalystNotes online package for $69 plus textbooks.

i did just about 400 hrs (maybe too much but worth every bit)

I passed >70 in all the ten.
@2013-01-27 23:15:58
There isn't a set number of hours that you study and you will pass.

Its not like if you study 500 you will pass but if you study 499 you won't.

You need to study until you know the material and are scoring well on the practice exams in analystnotes mock exams, and practice tests sent to you by CFAI.
@2013-01-28 04:00:31
i put in about 450 hours, including:

-reading all CFAI texts
-doing all the problems at the end of CFAI chapters
-reading some AnalystNotes chapters (particularly SS7)
-doing about 5,000 practice problems on the computer (online basic and review questions)
-preparing a large review sheet with key formulas/concepts
-taking all CFAI mock/sample exams

passed with all sections >70% except for alt. inv (i decided to ditch it ahead of time because it's only 3%)

i have a minimal background in finance
@2019-09-17 22:03:43
Same here...
Read all the text books thoroughly
Did all the problems at the end of the chapters
Did practice questions ( just review)
took all CFA mock exams

Passed all sections with> pretty happy now..but wasnt sure after I came out of exam.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!