AuthorTopic: question regarding forward exchange rate
@2014-05-08 21:26:47
The question is:

Consider two currencies, the WSC and BDR. The spot WSC/BDR exchange rate is 2.875, the 180-day riskless WSC rate is 1.5% and the 180-day riskless BDR rate is 3.0%. The 180-day forward exchange rate that will prevent arbritage profits is closest to:

1. 2.833 WSC/BDR 2. 2.854 WSC/BDR 3. 2.918 WSC/BDR

The answer is B. They took the riskless rates and divided it by 2. I don't understand why they did that?
@2014-05-21 11:38:07
The riskless rates are represented for 180 days however on a annual basis. So to get 180 day rates, you will have to divide it by 2 to get the correct answer.

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