AuthorTopic: Questions about CFA - working at KPMG
@2016-12-28 12:22:18
Hi all, I recently started working at KPMG in the UK in their Audit Division and am doing the ACA qualification (ICAEW) alongside. I was thinking of maybe doing the CFA alongside as well and hava few questions, which I would appreciate if you can answer!

I graduated from UK's #1 top uni for Economics this year and did a few internships in PE/IBD (total of 1 year's experience) before graduationg but unfortunately couldn't convert to full time. I am most interested in pursuing M&A itself later on. My questions are:

1. If I am ACA qualified (which I understand is more rigorous and well rounded than CPA in the US), is there any point doing the CFA alongside as well?

2. Having done Masters from a top uni, will i need an MBA in the future? I really dont want to shell out $100K with an MBA and would much rather just work

3. How many times can one fail in the CFA? in other words, if I complete CFA Level 1 and fail in level 2, can I just continue giving level 2 exams (and level 3) or is there any limit on the number of fails?

4. What is the maximun period in which I need to complete the CFA? Say I do L1 this December, then can i wait 2 and half years (as example) before I fo Level 2 or is there a certain requirement?

Thanks very much for your help :)

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