AuthorTopic: questions about PhD in Finance - finance PhD program list anywhere?
@2018-10-11 09:49:59
I am considering of attending PhD in Finance (or DBA in Finance) programs and currently doing some research work. Does anybody know where i can find a full list of good doctorate programs in finance or their rankings on the internet? (most rankings I could find are very short)I heard that most PhD programs are either academic oriented or industry oriented, right? thx!
@2018-10-28 17:01:49
You might try over at
There's no ranking but (quant) finance PhDs are discussed a lot in the student forum there so scanning the old messages might help
@2018-12-09 13:26:28
You can use the PhD Rank in's MBA ranking as an approximation. I say approximation because I would give Harvard and MIT a *much* higher score.

Manchester Business School 1
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton 2
University of Michigan: Ross 3
Stanford University GSB 4
New York University: Stern 5
Northwestern University: Kellogg 6
Columbia Business School 7
University of Chicago: Booth 8
University of California at Berkeley: Haas 9
Carnegie Mellon: Tepper 10
MIT Sloan School of Management 11
SDA BocconiFeatured business school 12
Rotterdam School of Management, 13
Harvard Business School 14
Warwick Business School 15
Lancaster University Management School 16
Insead 17
University of Toronto: Rotman 18
Hong Kong UST Business School 19
Duke University: Fuqua 20

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
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