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@2018-06-11 10:18:45
Hello everyone,

I am quite new to the financial field. I have had some experience working in a company that acts as a registrar and transfer agent (as well as some experience working in a bank). However, my education background is in Sciences and Finances. I am in the process of making a career change. I would like to attempt the CFA shortly. However, I'm aware that I will be needed some accounting knowledge and more finance knowledge in order to do that. I was told that I should take an Introductory Accounting Course as well as an Introductory Finance Course. Is that sufficient to start? Does anybody have any suggestions on that. I know the CFA will take a lot of studying. However, I'd like to have some necessary background fist. Maybe there is even someone was in the same boat as me (not coming from a Commerce, Economics, Accounting, or Finance background) that was successful and has some tips.

Thanks everyone

@2018-06-15 16:21:09
Well probably any good introductory Accounting course should work. I think that has to be your number 1 priority.

Why dont you get hold of a copy of the Level I: Study guide and it will give you a list of Accounting topics (and prerequisites).

Other than that, anything that teaches you the basics of Fixed Income, Equities, Corp Finance (that would be a good one to take) should work. You could try to cover some of the level I material in parallel with your course.

Steer clear of Management/Organization behaviour and the like if your goal is the CFA.

As to how much preparation is needed, that really depends on your aptitude and ability to study alone.

Think about enrolling in an MBA.

Good Luck.

@2019-09-14 03:19:59
I am in the same background as Natasha and my educational background is science. Now I am a MBA (Finance) Student, successfully at the end of my second semester. I have a thought of writing CFA exam and would like to know about the materials which I can rely upon to start with initially. I thought of writing the CFA in December and am not sure what is the appropriate material I can trust. Some people are saying textbooks by CFA Institute to be good and some says other private party materials can be trusted. Someone interested to reply me, kindly post your response.

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