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@2014-07-20 07:28:38
Took Level 1 Saturday, I thought it was as difficult as expected. I was upset at myself for forgetting some straight memory recall questions. Was very confident with my ability to do all the analysis valuatoin questions (I feel like I caught all the tricks they were trying to throw at us anyways). There was 3 to 4 questoins on each exam I had no idea/didn't have time to really get to that were basically straight guesses. Overall i was aiming for 90-95 right on each section and I think I was definately above that on Part 1, but probably slightly below on Part 2. Crossing my fingers and hoping to get some luck on my guesses.

-for those preparing now, I definately think analyst notes is a neccessity. Schweser doesn't prepare you as well for the tricky calculation questions. I thikn a strong combination of both and you should be fine. Definately make sure you have all the calcuatoins down, but also make sure you remember the straight memory recall. A couple of questions I let go should have been striaght forward, but couldn't rack my brain for the answer. All in all, I'm fairly confident I passed, but in case I didn't, I know how much/what to study for next time around.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh