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@2019-03-27 03:39:59
hi All,

I have registered for CFA exam in Dec. I have only bought ebook and hard-copy book of CFA curriculum. I think I am OK at intellectual level.

However when I am going thru the material in CFA books, I find the following

1) It is quite boring. (I am currently on Economics - Macroeconomics)

2) The material is very hard to follow. Its not intuitive at all as CFA book

3) The material does not seem to be logically sequenced i.e. sometimes the heading will say something and content will say something else !!

4) The material seems to be quite confusing.

The rate at which I am studying, it seems I cannot finish all 6 books in 300 hours (average time) and even if i finish them, i think i will grasp only a 50-60% of it.

Can someone please suggest if they had the similar experience in studying only CFA books and what they did to fix it.

PS: The above comments are only my personnel opinion and does not indicate the quality of CFA books either way.
@2019-03-28 19:02:16
1) Economics are very boring, especially in the CFAI, totally normal
4) True

I understand what you are saying, and don't worry: IT IS NORMAL! I would advise you to buy the analystnotes package. It is very helpful

The only thing you should read in the CFAI are the EOC questions (but sometimes they are very wordy) and the ETHICS (very recommended)
@2019-05-10 19:58:10
The books have a lot of question that you are not gonna get asked during your exam. I am reading the books. Finished Quant and accounting. Almost close to finishing economics. Given that I am a finance student I hope I wont be having that much problem with book 4, 5, 6 . Or else I might switch to analystnotes early.

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