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@2017-09-01 19:14:03
With the test 13 weeks away, I have just finished FRA/Ethics/Derivatives/Alternative Investments. I have a finance degree so I am fairly familiar with the material as I have seen it before and wrote the CFA L1 last June and failed with band 8.

I have a full time job so I'm planning on putting 3-4 hours a week on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends.

Any advice? I've been doing questions from CFAI and AnalystNotes and it's going great. It definitely takes time but I feel I learn a lot, and content tailored nicely towards the exam.
@2017-09-02 21:05:39
Plenty of time. Especially since this is your second time and you have finance degree so majority of the material will be review.

But you should honestly be studying more than 3-4hrs. I was working banking hours and put in1.5-2 hrs/day after work.

Unless you're working 120+ hrs a week, 3-4 is weak.

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Colin Sampaleanu