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@2009-08-01 12:49:13
I took CFA as my anti-depression . (I was depressed by my work and relationship with others.)

It worked very well in March and April and May. I did feel less depressed than before. I became a paid member of analystnotes web site and I passed level I.

I will sit for level II next year and havn't started the readings yet. And I just feel depressed again.

(During the time of being depressed, I just try to do something constructive to occupy myself.)

Anyone out there has the same reason as mine?

As it's not a joke, i would appreciate your no-joke reply. Thanks
@2009-08-11 10:15:58
I agree with your observation. Doing something constructive gets one out of depression, which is a byproduct of the general ennui, aimlessness that we face in the world today.

I would expand on this though by saying anything (an objective, a cause etc) or anyone that you care for a lot can reduce depression and give more meaning.

CFA is a minor solution, the best way to reduce depression is to have a passionate relationship and lots of sex (not joking, and i don't mean scoring with x number of the opposite sex) combined with working for a cause in a different part of the world that you live in. Let me know if you need further help in this regard.
@2009-08-16 11:53:28
Stuck in a no go where job, I took the CFA level 1 and passed it last year and will be taking taking level II next year.

I can relate to your feelings and the way I beat my depression and emptiness is by extensive reading.

May I strongly suggest:
Man, Economy and State by Rothbard to beat your boredom and depression.

This book is ground-breaking and clearly explains all the paradoxes of life.

One thing I keep reminding myself when ever I am down is "Hope, against all odds..." and "the key to life is what you add to it...."

Let me know if u any other help or moral support...
@2009-08-19 17:25:23
Hi Takamine and gorden,

Thanks a lot of for your giving attention and replying to my inquiery.

Takamine, is there an e-mail adress that I can reach you? If yes, please let me know

Thanks again to both of you.
@2009-08-22 02:17:15
Guys and Jeniffer,

Stop this. CFA is not a substitute for sex.
@2009-08-22 15:02:40
Relax, dude, and do what Takamine says: Lots of sex. Maybe then the next time you wouldn't be so rude.
By the way, sports, any kind of sports, are for me the best way to feel better. I used to be a good basketball player, and now I suck, that's why instead of being a millionaire playing in the NBA I'll need to earn some extra dough through CFA . But playing again makes me feel so good...doing useful things helps too.
@2009-08-24 03:12:25
wow! and I thot I was the only one!! I needed a new focus in my life and CFA certainly provided that for the time being. Initially, I thot I was gonna fail Level I and that would have been a disaster...well, I passed and as weird as it sounds, I cant wait to start reading for my Level II..
then again, this is not a long term solution and its not very healthy..
gotta get a life!!
@2009-09-08 04:43:55
Good reasons! :) And Good luck!
@2009-09-10 12:46:52
wow.. doing CFA to ease up depression? no matter how i want to view it .. it's a bad way to get rid of depression IMHO.

if you are depressed, see a shrink or find person u trust and talk about your problem.

I have to disagree on sex as easing up on depression. Not all sex is fun and joyful.. Sex is only fun when you are connected to the person whom u are having sex with.. But if you are depressed .. how are you going to emotionally connected with your mate?
@2009-09-12 03:57:54
I would agree with JohnClark! it's a good way to ease up the depression. And plus, Dear Jennifer, going to gym on a regular basis could help you out a little bit.
@2009-09-12 07:25:51
I agree with both of you. :) I'd like to know whether CFA is very very difficult for a person whose first language is not English?
@2009-11-18 09:00:26
No it is not. You just gotta understand the concepts.
@2010-04-03 12:53:46
I dont know about the anti-depression but for me taking the CFA is strengthen my finance knowledge- that's all. And, I totally agreed with Takamine -LOL!
@2010-04-04 16:34:24
There's other stuff against depression out there. I'm reading Srikuam Rao's book at the moment which is upbeat if slightly woo woo in places. + much other literature
@2010-04-09 14:02:16
I'm depressed from all the studying
@2017-12-18 06:38:23
The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew

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