AuthorTopic: Recycling Study Material
@2005-03-21 08:36:58
I flunked the December level One exam, can i use the same notes for my Level One exam in June ( has the course changed at all since then?)
@2005-03-21 15:13:05
about 15 - 20%.
@2005-03-21 21:54:11
I suggest comparing the Study Guide for each exam to see where the same books are used, which LOS are the same and which assigned problems are the same. I've done this each time for L2 (now my third try) and it helped give a general sense of where to focus. Last year, I read all the assigned text and did all assigned problems (over 500) and this year's Study Guide is almost identical, so I feel I have a jump on this year's test. Let's hope my theory holds! Either way, I bet you can use most, if not all or your notes, etc. from Dec. Good luck.

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