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@2010-09-14 00:12:54
Hi All,

I want to register for the CFA Level1 for coming December. I have some general query which I want to clear from all of you before going for the registration. I posted these query to CFA institute also but couldn't get answer for all of these.

My query are as follow:
1. Is there any shipment charges also which I have to pay along with fees.
CFA people mentioned that institute will cover the shipping charges, but I may have to pay the custom fees/taxes on the cost of curriculum. But they mentioned that it depend in which country I am living. They didn't tell me the exact charges. I am applying from India , so could anyone in India who registered for it tell me the exact amount I have to pay for it.

This will helpful for me to make my total estimation of payment.

2. In their curricular they mentioned some of the reference book from where they prepared the study material. So I want to know did they completely followed those books only like cut and paste kind of thing or study material is following other books also.
I mean to ask that I saw those books and found that all topic are available in those books. So did the study material just copied those chapters only or they prepared their own material by referring those books.
The person who go through both the study material and those books can better answer my query.

3. what is the best way to deposit the fees- Credit cards, cheques or money transfer.

Please answer all my queries asap so that I can go for the registration.


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Andrea Schildbach