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@2016-08-23 17:40:17
Hello everyone,

I need a help of people already registered for the CFA exam. I moved from one country to another and switched university.As a result I was obliged to start new degree from scratch. So I don't have US-comparable degree and experience neither. However if I sum up all years of studying it might be possible to get into postgraduate degree in my original contry. Guys from CFA gave me very ambigous answer and therefore I ask you folks for help: Do CFA Intsitute check all your details and ask documents during registration/enrollment?

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.
@2016-08-26 13:21:15
No they don't but they do an audit check. But eventually if you pass level 1 and don't have a bachelor degree you are not allowed to enter the level 2 exam until you have your degree

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