AuthorTopic: Relevant work experience for CFA charterholder
@2017-08-01 20:23:03

I am currently thinking about registering for the December exam (Level I) but I am not sure if my work experience will qualify for the CFA charterholder. I am working as an analyst for project finance deals in the risk management department of a bank. We mostly arrange deals by ourselves but also participate in syndicated project finance deals. As this work is more on the debt side, I am not sure if that will qualify as relevant work experience according to the CFA institute. On the other hand, I am analyzing financial data, create financial models and the like.

Does anyone have a clue if that has a good chance to be accepted? I dont want to make the experience that after passing Level III I will not have the chance to become a charterholder.

Greetings from Germany
@2017-08-05 15:06:12
Just for clarification. Are you going to continue of being an analyst of project finance? For what purposes do you need CFA designation?
@2017-09-17 10:14:53

I think it is a good qualification to have. Furthermore it provides knowledge and summaries basic + advanced ideas in finance which can be useful in my daily job and maybe later.

A colleague of mine (CFA charterholder) is working in aircraft finance and told me similar things.

It is especially useful when you are working internationally or if you intend to do it (especially in the U.S. or UK).
@2017-10-29 17:56:23
The best way is to check with CFA Institute I think.

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