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@2017-07-02 13:42:22
Sorry to post my level II question here. I passed level I last December with the help of Now I just started to prepare for level II.

Am I right in thinking that Level II, Study Session 8, is just a rehash of the Level I material from 2015.

Obviously I understand that Level II builds upon knowledge from prior levels, but this seems strange...

If it is just the same, how many other sections are direct repeats....
@2017-07-23 08:12:47
RC London,

I thought the same thing while working on the early parts of Study Session 5, but let me tell you, the assigned end of chapter problems are much harder than those in Level I. I would do the readings and understand it, then start on the problems and I would be totally lost. I'd have to work with the solution manuql to get through it the first time. I'm assuming it's that way for any material that looks like it's a repeat of Level I, with the exception of maybe quant. Don't be lured into a false sense of security. The problems will take it several steps further than it did for Level I.

@2017-09-12 19:36:02
Yes you overkilled in L1. I had 70+ in L1 all sections, but had to settle for 70+ in only the afternoon session of L2. Lost easy points on at least 3 questions in the AM. The material is similar but different topics, like for instance Pension accounting instead of Lease calculations.

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