AuthorTopic: Requirements to Pass Level I
@2015-11-20 07:00:05
Is there any particular minimum level required per subject to pass the Level I (ie Ethics >70%)? I have sent an email to CFA Institute and they told me that they take an average of all subjects, which means no minimum required. I remember reading in the past comments about minimum reqirement on Ethics? Is it still in place?

@2015-12-22 12:07:28
There's no minimum on any subject. You could, in theory, miss every ethics question and still pass, but I wouldn't recommend doing it that way. Ethics is covered on every level, and thus it is in your interest to make it your strongest subject on every level.
@2016-05-03 21:26:28
I just got 95 questions correct on the 2nd exam mock exam and thought that was pretty good. Yet, it tells me that is the 56th percentile. Thoughts on if that would be a passing score? I certainly thought it would be. Good luck all
@2016-05-08 10:42:53
95 questions right is about 79%. You're in the money. Anything above 70% is a passing grade (or so I've heard).
@2016-06-02 13:03:02
good luck to all, getting down to crunch time.

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