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@2019-06-14 11:13:10
Hi Everyone,

I just want to ask if there is anyone out there looking for a research or PM position (especially in the SF Bayarea), but are not getting any response or are being rejected for lack of experience (in research or in a certain industry), being in the wrong field, etc. Please let me know. I would like to find out how many of us are out there.



@2019-06-26 21:04:20

You're not alone....I'm in the same boat and know a number of charterholders who can't catch a break either. Being such an incestuous industry, without any connections the chances of someone giving you a chance through conventional means are very slim to none.

The only approach that I've seen someone break away from this cycle is to show that entrepreneurial spirit...which pretty much means you prostitute yourself to one of the smaller privately owned shops...agree to work for little or no money and no guarantee down the road that they'll take you on if things work out. It?s a gamble yes and not for everyone ...just depends how hungry you are.

I'll keep you posted on my own prostitution efforts.

@2019-09-24 10:36:14
Count me in the club too fellas. I had a good gig working in private equity in SF out of college for 3 years but took a back office job in SJ to keep putting food on the table (after my company blew up). I've had a few interviews - even several rounds in both PM and research but get zero feedback and find out months later the job is filled. I think its just that there are lots of hungry and experienced people out there with the very specific experience being asked for. Employers can be VERY picky and can take their time.. ie. if they want someone with 3, not 4 years experience, CFA Level 2 not 3, experience in tech not telecom, spent time in NYC.. they could even draw a picture of the person they want. I think this is going to take nothing but networking until things take off again. Good luck to you!

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