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@2005-04-03 17:47:58
I received an offer with a prestigious buy side firm in Boston as a research associate in one of the top 10 performing mutual funds of 2004. It's a pretty technical position (VBA, SQL) and is a track to becoming an analyst.

My question is, what do you think is a fair base salary? I am 25 w/ 3 years exp. CFA L3 Cand. good VBA and programming skills, Ivy Undergrad, etc.

Also, aren't these types of positions post-MBA, so how do I evaluate it given that I will probably be there for 5 years or so and will now get my MBA. So in other words, what base is appropriate now considering that I might be a full fledged analyst within 2-3 years or so and there bases are usually 100k+

Any advice, about salaries, what bonuses might be, and any general buy side advice would be great. Also, any additional online resources that you might know of would be greatly appreciated.

@2005-04-08 22:08:19
60-80k + bonus for an associate.

screw the mba, get a ms in stats, applied math, financial engineering, etc
@2005-04-09 18:22:40
I'm planning on doing my MS in Finance @ BC, since it looks to be the best part time program in Boston.

What do you think the bonus might be? rough range?
@2005-08-16 11:54:31
$50-60k base, bonus of 30-60k

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