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@2010-05-30 21:09:01
hi, im writing my CV (ie resume) and would like to add this in:
2006-till present CFA Institute
wrote Level II of the CFA Program in 2009
would this be ok? does it violate anything?

thanks in advance

@2010-05-31 06:59:52
I'd say that if you are a member of CFAI, include it in the "professional affiliation" section if you have one. I also remember reading somewhere in AIMR literature that we can refer to ourselves as Candidates in the CFA program if we are enrolled to sit for the current year's exam, or have not received our exam results for the current year. Therefore, you are at present a Level II Candidate.I don't think that its necessary to say when you passed level I, or how long you have been in the program. The fact that you wrote level IIa means that you have passed level I. That's the important info.hope this helps.

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