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@2018-03-14 16:22:12
Hi, I have started cramming for the June. 2nd session around the end of Jan and have noticed that the grasp of newly learned concepts seem to fade few days later.

After finishing the Quant book, I reviewed the book before reading Econ. After Econ, I reviewed both quant and econ before moving on to the 4th book (skipped third for now). Now I'm done with the third book and reviewed all three books again, but the level of proficiency doesn't seem quite there yet.

Would you guys recommend that I fortify the understanding of previous books before moving on? Or should I stride forward until it's all done then to review everything again? How are you guys doing it?

Thanks a lot!
@2018-03-26 11:17:28
Here's what I'm doing b/c I have the same problem. I've been switching back and forth between these two methods.

1. I study new material for about 2-2.5 hours a night then take a 30 question review exam of all the material I've covered to date. This acts like a recap/review and doing 30 questions a night keeps you familiar with the old stuff.

2. I'll study new material for about 3 days straight (2-3 hours a night) and then every forth day or so I'll spend the 2-3 hours just taking review exams of all the material I've gone over so far.

So far it seems to be working but theres always going to be those questions or topics that pop up that you haven't seen in a while and you don't fully remember but the more practice/review you do, the more likely you'll remember them better the next time they do pop up.

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