AuthorTopic: Review exams based on failed questions
@2019-04-25 03:51:42
A very handy feature would be to be able to choose only the questions that have been answered incorrectly during previous review exams.
@2019-04-26 13:38:27
It's a very good idea
@2019-04-29 18:48:10
I would like that too. I don't want to waste time with questions I already know how to do.
@2019-05-03 07:15:44
yes this will be good
@2019-05-09 08:31:06
I also think that would be a great option plus the addition of being able to select study sessions to base practice exams on with the option of failed questions only or all questions. This would help to maintain all the material fresh - before starting a new study session you could quickly do a practice exam on the failed questions of the last, say 5 study sessions. Every time I finish a study session I start panicking thinking I cant remember any of the material from past study sessions!
@2019-06-22 22:10:56
The choice is there now,

CFA Discussion Topic: Review exams based on failed questions

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh