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@2013-10-29 10:08:30
To those who have taken a CFA exam, how do the analystnotes review questions (ones you get ranked on) compare to the actual exam questions?

Some of these questions are difficult but some are very easy as well. Do you think they are representative of the actual CFA exam?
@2013-11-01 09:37:01
The exam questions in June were very short and straight to the point. Analystnotes mock exam are way harder than the real exam.
@2013-11-03 20:19:45
Thanks for the reply, what about the review questions, I havent tried the mock exams yet
@2013-11-16 02:05:13
Yes, how difficult are the review questions of this site compared to the mock exams?
@2013-11-20 08:42:18
The review questions and the mock exams on analystnotes were more lengthly and complex than what i saw on the level 1 exam.

Not to brag but i finished an hour early and half an hour early on each half of the actual exam (i passed). The questions were very straightforward, though the afternoon section was more difficult.

I think if you go through all the CFA readings, do all those questions, go through the analyst notes study notes several times, do all review questions and mock exams; you should pass.

Level 2 may be a different story however since questions are in item set format.
@2019-05-05 05:28:48
From my experience these review questions are similar to the real questions but mock questions here are much harder.

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