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@2018-04-15 11:32:27
Hey all, we're nearing that time where we have to put the pen down and start reviewing/practicing. Some of you are already there - I was supposed to be there by now as well. Unfortunately school work has set me back majorly and I wont be able to begin reviewing until May 6th.

Here's my strategy (I'd love feedback):

May 6th - May 13th (still in school with finals): Do all of the EOC questions in the CFA textbooks. Taking notes on areas of weakness.

May 14th - May 17th: Spend each of these four days dedicated to one area of worst performance (likely re-learning much of it) and memorizing formulas for those subject areas.

May 18th: Mock Exam held by local CFA Society

May 19th: Analyze Mock Exam results, forming a game plan of review following areas of weakness.

May 20th - June 21st: Alternating every day, one day a mock exam by analystnotes, the next is full day review.

June 22nd: Absolutely nothing but hangout with friends, go to a shooting range for the first time to blow of steem and have some relaxing fun.

June 23rd: Exam

This gives me a chance to take the CFA Mock, 2 CFA sample exams, and 10 AnalystNotes mock exams. On my days of review, I will likely be using review questions here throughout to test myself on certain concepts. Probably put in 150 hours in reviewing in that last few weeks alone.

My worries' That I wont have enough time to fully run through my weakest subjects (probably will have to re-learn a couple areas) and get a firm grasp on them, while having enough time to memorize formulas and review other areas.

I would love to read your in-depth plan of attack for reviewing. In fact, it may put me at ease if I can borrow some ideas? or terrify me by knowing I am doing way less than others.

ALSO: if you guys know for a fact there is a section that you just do not remember very much of anything from (Micro for me), how do you plan on attacking that during review? We can't just start all over, there?s no time for that.
@2018-05-08 19:15:48
Are you sure you'll do all the EOC in the CFA text book in 7 days with finals?

Otherwise it sounds like a good strategy, 150h one month before is the way to go!

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz