AuthorTopic: Rules violation
@2017-06-03 15:04:44
I have just sat for lvl 2. I think I did good, but I am quite afraid I have violated the rules and my exam will be voided..
I took my fitbit with me (it's just a watch!) to the room and, like I would do with any other watch, I took it off my wrist and placed it on the desk.
When I came back from the WC, the proctor asked me to handle the watch. So I did.
After the exam I asked the proctor if there was going to be a written report about the watch, she told me she had to write a report but that she would say that I was not wearing it, nor looking at it.
So, short question: How screwed am I? Did I just threw 6 months of my life to the garbage because of the watch? I know that I shouldn't have taken the fitbit with me, or I had surrendered it to the proctor at the beginning of the exam... but is it really that serious offense?


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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh