AuthorTopic: Running out of time... Feeling the pressure!!
@2015-04-15 16:48:31
Hi guys,

I have the serious impression of running out of time, starting to panic a bit. I have been reading CFA text, stalla notes and practicing analystnotes review questions. Anyone also thinking he is behind schedule...I am not sleeping very well and feeling a bit tired. Are you guys in the same boat?
@2015-04-25 18:09:33
My method has been to keep a steady pace of the readings through the CFA1 texts (ex.I make sure I do reviews once a week on previous covered material) and by the end of next week I will have finished Ethics, Quant, FSA, & Econ with plans on being completely done with approx 5 weeks to review.

I think a month or more of review is going to be critical, if you can't see yourself with a sufficient amount of time to review you should pick up the pace as best you can. From people I know who have passed they all say the time reviewing is the most critical period through the whole process. I've even gone as far as to take a week off from work the week leading up to the exam because I plan on doing 12 hours days of non-stop 10 mock exams and whatever else I can get my hands on in that final week.

PS. Am I the only one to get butterflies the day they saw the days remaining drop to double digits? When they get down to single digits I may lose it!!
@2015-05-19 11:58:32
I was on schedule; and then came FRA - SS9...and my deadlines were thrown out of the window...I will get 2 or maybe 3 weeks to revise...I do not know if that wud be sufficient...but I believe that if you have put in enough time on the readings, then revising should be a breeze...

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu