AuthorTopic: Schweser eBooks expired
@2018-03-20 16:28:21
Hi everyone,

Last year I purchased the Kaplan's essential package and also got the ebooks. I was able to access the ebooks via VitalSource but now they are gone. Did someone of you experience the same issue? Is it possible I only had limited access? But that’s ridiculous - I mean I also still have the hardcopy which can not expire. But I would like to still have the ebooks since I may have to learn with them for the December exam again.

Any help?
@2018-03-31 00:15:02
I believe its materials expire the end of the month you were scheduled to take your exam (i.e. 6/30 or 12/31). You'll have to repurchase the material. The same approach applies to AnalystNotes' study system. Every year the materials are different.

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