AuthorTopic: Schweser mock exam too easy!
@2019-03-24 21:40:44
So I just got done with one half of my first mock exam and planning to finish up the other half tomorrow. I was surprised at how simple many of the questions were with nowhere near as many calculations required as the EOC or AnalystNotes mock questions. After leaving myself a buffer (i.e. marking unsure problems as wrong rather than giving myself lucky points) I still scored 80% even though according to Schweser you should be happy with just 70%. Now I'm paranoid that I somehow got a ridiculously easy mock or that the second half contains the "real" problems so to speak. Anyone here who have taken the Schweser mocks have any thoughts on this?
@2019-04-02 10:53:01
I am yet to do Schweser Mock exams but their concept checkers are just rubbish comparing to analyst notes basic questions

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz