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@2013-09-25 16:44:03
Do you get the mail sent to you from calcutta or does Schweser ship from Wisconsin. I would assume from Wisconsin, but i'm still lost as to why hand stitched notes would fall apart. I would think hand stiched notes would be more sturdy since it is done with care and is a time consuming process.

@2013-09-26 17:07:35
some of my MBA textbooks were shipped from India. Why is it bad? they were in perfect condition just like the textbooks that I received from CFA Institute. As far as I'm concerned I want all textbooks to be printed in India - this way they will be cheaper and providers will afford to offer great quality without depressing their margin.
@2013-09-29 08:09:41
They wont be cheaper. The publishers will just have higher margins.

Do you think Schweser passed the savings on to you?
@2013-09-30 19:16:22
Hey Guys,

I can explain this.

The paper is really thick... only they turn yellow and crisp over time. Its not the photoquality thin glossy paper you are used to.

The binding it seems is the classic stuff they used back in the 1930s... basically they stack up all the thick paper... glue the binding end (organic glue mind you)... then put some linen or threads to hold it all together. Then they slap the cover on.

It works fine... only the books refuse to fully open... they kind of stay \-/
If you force it too hard (put a weight on the two ends etc) the binding comes loose and the pages go flying.

Hope you are having fun with the books. If not, I suggest you rip the binding (comes off easily) and 3 hole punch them, so they are easy to carry around in a folder.

Indians rock! See they chanted the mantra of non violence by not harming the paper by pricking it needlessly and then they challenged you to think of way to make best of the situation.
@2013-10-02 01:35:37
I would assume its notes were written by some Indian as well.
@2013-10-04 06:21:55
You can take the books to copy shop and get them re-bound. Have them put a spiral binding on it for you. And then send the bill to Schweser. That likely wont work. Heres an alternative to subsidize the cost of having them re-bound. Oh no - i believe the suggestion to make a copy for your friend is against the code of ethics of cfa institute.
@2020-03-14 10:27:08
Hello guys! I would like to ask whether it is useful to buy the Schweser notes for passing the exam or just the CFA books.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!