AuthorTopic: Schweser???
@2003-09-15 17:57:29
I hate to use Schweser's online exam!!!! Some of the questions are not related to the LOS. It just a waste of time and money($300 for a piece of shit!)!!!
@2003-09-20 07:22:21
I agree that its materials are full of errors, but who else are not? I use both cfacenter and schweser, and I am doing ok.
@2003-09-21 14:32:52
I used Schweser for level I and passed. I know it's not the best material out there and full of mistakes but the repetition is what hammered the concepts in my head. I just wish it was not the same this year. Will probably see some of you next year in level II again.
@2003-09-21 14:32:52
aplus - are you on drugs? or do you work for Schweser? probably both....

you seem a bit delusional.

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