AuthorTopic: Security Analysts of San Francisco
@2003-06-09 22:02:50
I ran across what looks like a violation of AIMR gestapo guidelines by SASF (an AIMR partner). Tell me what you think. Sounds to me as if they used CFA as a noun. You'll find this atrocious violation at the following webpage and the potential violation in the last line of the text below the URL.

For example,
"Regular and Affiliate SASF dues are $75. In addition, you will pay dues to AIMR, which vary depending on membership type and time of year you join. If you are a CFA, the maximum AIMR dues are $250. "
@2003-06-10 01:46:28
I feel violated.
@2003-06-10 10:17:53
Go through the Schweser study guides (online sample) and practice exams, even old AIMR exams and count the number of times CFA is used as a noun.
@2003-06-10 17:29:19
I really feel violated too. When Scheiser, I mean Schweser uses CFA as a noun it makes me really sick.

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