AuthorTopic: Self study for CFA exam possible?
@2017-07-22 02:26:46
I'm writing the December level 1 exam. But I'm at a crossroads as whether to just self study using the prescribed CFA material. Or to study with one of the additional companies like Schweser or AnalystNotes. What do you think? Worth getting extra help or can it be comfortably done just self study with CFA material?
@2017-09-04 11:36:49
Typically what I see most people do (including myself) is study a third party material, and use the CFA material for the practice questions and/or as reference material for certain topics.

CFA material for level 1 is about 2500 pages! You don't have to read all pages to pass your exam.
@2017-10-25 10:51:53
I used CFAI material. They maybe heavy on content, but I feel even if you use third party material, you might need to refer to CFAI for the topics that might not have been covered in those materials. People recommend doing Ethics from CFAI.

Goes without saying, it would involve good amount of effort and time but if you can retain CFAI content, you got it!

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