AuthorTopic: Self study for level 2 possible?
@2020-01-01 17:57:45
Hello everyone!

With the remaining time of almost 6 months, can you people please tell me whether or not it is wise to effectively prepare CFA Level II with self study "using CFA curriculum"? I have a good track record of self study as I did pass ACCA and Level I with self study. I am a full time student and can study up to 5 to 6 hours a day or 30-36 hours a week.

Expecting replies from CFA level III candidates and CFA Charter Holders.

Thank You.
@2020-01-20 11:23:41
There are 178 days until the exam. Let's assume you study for five hours a day for 75% of the remaining days. That’s over 667 hours of prep time. Now, will you pass L2 sticking to that schedule? I would wager almost certainly not. You'll burn out sometime in March or April.

The amount of time people need to study to pass obviously varies person to person, but 250-300 is generally considered more than adequate. Build yourself a study schedule so you're done with all topics 4-6 weeks prior to the exam and use that time to take mocks and work on topics you're struggling with.

And, most importantly, lighten up. You have plenty of time. Take it easy and stick to your plan.
@2020-01-26 19:45:24
can you tell me if studying from CFA curriculum is wise or shall I prepare from a third party provider keeping in mind the time left.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh