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@2017-02-14 08:29:41
I just finished QM, which was my first subject. I know I'm pushing it for June 2017 but I wanted to give it a shot. Any suggestions on which subject I should tackle next. I was planning on either FSA or Ethics. I completed QM in 8 days and I'm hoping to make up time on more qualitative subject matter.
@2017-03-10 23:57:17
Not that hard, skip derivatives and alts thats 8% you will lose. do everything else so you will have a shot at 92% of the material.

Do FRA and spend about 2 weeks on it, then go into fixed income and equity since those combined are 22% of the exam, FRA FI and Equity are 42% of the exam respectively. You finished QM which gives a lot of people trouble, then do econ 10% Corporate Finance (only a couple of readings) 8% and Portfolio Mgmt 5%.

Save Ethics for the last week or so by reading the CFA text on it and doing end of chapter questions, the reason for this is that EThics is simple and requires a bit of memorization and it would be best to have it fresh in your mind before exam day. You will have a good chance at passing assuming its not all new information for you. Good luck.

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Craig Baugh