AuthorTopic: should i ask?
@2018-01-23 06:12:30
i applied for a graduate research position with credit suisse (amongst others), the deadline was early december some time. I completed the online tests and have not heard anything since. When i log on it says application received. If i was to make it through to the interview round when would i be most likely to hear back? I.e. is it a bad thing that i havent heard back, or good because im still in the race?

What is significant is that i have an aquantance at university, we run in the same circles she came to my bday etc. and i know that she helped another friend get a position at credit suisse. We're not all that close but im sure if i asked in the appropriate way she might be able to do the same for me. I would like to get there through my own doing, and not have her as the reason i landed the grad scheme, thus taking away from all my efforts with the CFA and application process. But of course if i get the "your application will be taken no further" email i might be kicking myself.

I've got no relevant work experience or contacts within the industry and i've heard thats mostly what they hire on so im tempted to say something. Would love to have the success come from my own efforts though as opposed to a contact in the industry. Swallow my pride?
@2018-02-15 17:38:15
Just do it. Do you really think most people with desirable jobs got where they are without any use of connections?

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