AuthorTopic: Should I be concerned about my ethics?
@2017-11-01 20:51:56
I read Ethics from curriculum. I did all the EOC where my 30 (75%) answers were correct out of 40. Now i did Topic test of Ethics that is available on CFA web site where 24 (60%) answers were correct out of 40. Should i be concerned? what should be my next strategy to get maximum marks in Exams?
@2017-11-03 21:28:50
75% on the EOC and 60% on the Topic Tests is about where you want to be.

Topic Tests are very hard. Would do many cycles of your wrong answers, reading answers closely to figure out the "why". Text and EOC answers can also provide clarity. Eventually, you'll get 37/40 or 40/40. It's not a bad thing – not "cheating". You'll know the key principles.

I found for Ethics there’s a black and white principle underlying every Q, but it's so hidden and subtle in some cases that people assume the answer is random. As with subtle movies, subtle poem etc., best way to surface the subtlety is repetition.
@2017-11-05 07:18:38
Just continue redoing it and re-reading your mistakes, you will be fine, you will get better at it.

CFA Discussion Topic: Should I be concerned about my ethics?

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