AuthorTopic: Should I choose CFA or MBA?
@2013-10-19 14:26:17
I am currently working for a technology vendor in the financial services industry. I work with order management systems and the electronic trading. I want to advance my career but am not sure whether to go with the MBA or CFA. Any thoughts?
@2013-10-20 01:03:46
Man, I have the same dilima. I have already enrolled in MBA, done one semester. But now I decide to start CFA, not sure it's the right dicision, but one thing is certain-if you're working doown the analyst track,CFA is a much better quality in terms of career progress. MBA won't garantee you with a manager's job, CFA can almost garantee you with an analyst's position. As you know, speciality is one of the key factors for selecting managers in this industry.

I plan to do MBA later, remember the average age for MBA is 38, no good to start it too early. At least, I would only start MBA when I manage a large team.
@2013-10-21 12:00:20
Hi! I think it depends what kind of career you have envisioned. If you would like to work as a financial specialist, CFA will be more useful. However, if you'd rather become a general manager then an MBA is more useful.
Good luck with your choice!
@2013-11-11 21:37:17
This topic has been burned to death. It is all about what you make out of it.
@2017-12-28 09:10:14
CFA charterholders are not getting jobs anymore in this economy. There are few jobs that are highly paid but You can only work for investment spefic jobs and for those you need good experience. MBA gives you more options and more choices. There are alot more jobs for CA, CMA's and CGAs than CFA. I am a CFA charterholder and I can say it was a big waste of time and effort. If you still dont believe, go to any job search engine and type how many jobs you see for CFAs.

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