AuthorTopic: Should I do more practice questions
@2019-04-17 18:33:54
I have a background in finance and accounting (I literally just completed an MBA in these areas). I have been reading through the text, Iam up to Session 5.

My problem is that I haven't done so well on the practice questions (50% - 80% correct). Has anyone else had this problem? I understand the things I read (they are all review for the most part).

I was thinking that I would continue on the way I have been studying and then make charts of things to memorize in the last 4 wks before the test. Has anyone tried this, and does it work?
@2019-05-24 19:47:35
i kinda do it that way, i read textbooks first, then went over notes, then i started doing questions and old exams. the last 4 weeks were all about drilling those damn things that i can't remember into my thick skull, over and over and over again. i would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because i wasn't 100% sure how a formula went and i had to look at it or i would never sleep again that night. once you know a topic, i rarely went back to it, especially if i aced those sections on the practise exams (which reinforced that i didn't have to look those sections over).

of course it took me 8 years to complete the problem (kiddin', i was 3/3).

also, i didn't have background in finance or business (history degree).

by exam time, i would average 75-80 on exams and that was fine enough to pass.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!