AuthorTopic: Should I enroll for LII or find a job?
@2019-02-05 11:51:31
Last year, in June 18, i was failed at band 10 in my level ii exam. it was a very disappointing experience for me.

My situation is a bit complex. currently. i am unemployed. i have applied for some doctoral programs in finance but i don't know that i will be admitted. the admission decisions will be announced in mid-april.

so i have two choices here:

1) get a job and forget cfa (because i don't know that i will have enough time for cfa. i haven't started studying yet and by getting a job i will diminish my studying hours)

2a) stay unemployed and study for cfa

2b) stay unemployed and prepare for a doctoral program (revising calculus, linear algebra, real analysis, asset pricing and so on)

the deadline is approaching (14th feb) and i have to decide. i need some suggestions.
@2019-02-08 05:34:45
I think pursuing a PhD in finance is going to be a path of great pain and unfulfillment if you think CFA is not incredibly easy.

I don't see why CFA is exclusive from any of these options. You're supposed to take the program while working full time.
@2019-02-15 18:54:37
If you think Grad School will improve your work life balance, do I have some real estate for you in Florida.

It is possible you will go to a school with a great gym, it is also possible the prof responsible for your supervision is amazing. Some professors treat their grad students like slaves. You will have to teach, grade, and study/research. Obviously the CFA is a huge sync of time, but if you got Band 10, you can pass if you studied intelligently instead of wasting time posting on the Internet.
@2019-08-09 18:16:07
Just saw this post. Probably too late but I would register. worse case you failed and lost another thousand bucks. best case you pass and do another 300 hours next year lol.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
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