AuthorTopic: Should I go for CFA?
@2020-02-14 15:58:38
My Academic Background:
Bachelor’s degree - Completed B.Tech in Biotechnology ( 2002 to 2006 - 4 years course). Obtained a software certification (2006 to 2008) Joined a software company as a software developer (2008) Left that software company (2010) DID NOTHING SINCE THEN !!!** What I want to see myself in the future** I want to get my licence as a Portfolio manager and start my own Portfolio Management Firm.
Q1) Is CFA going to be the best choice for the purpose?
Q2) I’m 35 now. Will my age create a problem?
Q3) Is the gap (10 years almost) going to create problems?If the answers is “NO” to all the 3 above queries:
Q4) Where can I get : (a)Study Materials (b)Previous years/model/sample Questions and answers ©Suggestions for future tests?
Q5) After I am prepared for the test,what are the procedures and prices to sit for the exams?
@2020-03-03 07:57:23
Sir, everything can be found in Google.

But honestly, if you ever worked in finance and have a solid background, understand what PM is and how to manage it, you can do it .

Otherwise, you are software person, so maybe you do not have a clear understanding of finances and just want to embark on it because somebody told you that PM is the lake of revenue.

I think if you want to launch a financial firm, favourably fintech product or service, you’d better continue developing computer skills and find the partner with solid finance background. So the technical parts are gonna be addressed to you and financial part to him

Many fintech developers are from mathematics and computer science, for instance Robinhood.

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