AuthorTopic: Signing up for LII now
@2017-12-16 13:36:14
Someone posted on here that if you sign up for LII and find out you failed LI, you can swap the books out for LI. I can't find that anywhere on the CFAI website. Can someone provide the link? Thanks in advance.
@2017-12-17 05:39:47
that's a AnalystNotes thing not a CFA thing. Basically you can purchase its level 2 package now. If you failed level 1 then at you can have the package changed for level 1 without any cost.

I just purchased its level 2. Seems there is no risk to me as I will take either level 1 or 2 next June.

@2017-12-27 11:15:24
I just called the CFAI, you can't sign up for LII until you pass LI, but you can buy the materials for LII on However, they told me they discourage this because when you sign up for LII, you will get the materials (then you'll have two copies). For some, it might be worth the $400 to get started right now. I can't imagine only starting for LII at the beginning of February. That would leave only 4 months. I felt like I could have used more than the 5.5 months I had for LI, and from what I hear, LII is much tougher.

I took the same option as Viswa did: signed up for analysnotes level 2 package so I can start studying now without the official registrations at CFAI. It's $99 only and if I failed level 1 then I would not need to pay extra to be switched to its level 1 package.

@2018-01-22 15:33:27
I know, the time constraint worries me too. But there is no way I am going to start studying now for L2 and while there is still a risk of me falling flat on my face at the end of January if i find out i failed L1
@2018-02-03 19:42:09
Why on earth would you start studying for LII? Enjoy the rest of your time and you'll have plenty of time to study for LI or LII. Relax buddy.

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