AuthorTopic: SINGAPORE
@2009-07-15 19:38:12
Is there anybody giving CFA Level I December-09 attempt in SINGAPORE?
@2009-08-20 06:50:02 taking this dec 2009 lvl 1
@2009-08-26 07:18:20
hi there - i am taking level 1 in dec 2009 as well
@2009-08-29 04:45:02
Hi there. Im taking level 1, Dec 09. Hope we have good time helping each other.

Good luck guys
@2009-08-29 13:17:56
Hihi....soo how is everybody doing at the moment?
@2009-08-31 08:45:36
Hi Guys.. I just enrolled two days back & still waiting to receive my books deom CFA. Can some body suggest which will be a good material to start with?.

Im currently also pursuing my MBA. Have a preliminary knowledge on Economics
@2009-09-02 06:58:21
maybe u can go thru the demo of AN while waiting for the notes

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