AuthorTopic: Site Graphics
@2005-02-10 09:08:04
If the programmers at Analyst Notes have free time, perhaps they could configure the graphics to reflect our progress. The picture to the left would change based on a user's previous answer/succession of answers. Just a thought.

That said, the overall test site is solid. The ranking system in conjunction with the exam bank is particularly useful. Keep up the good work Analyst Notes.

@2006-04-17 13:46:06
Also, that the study session list, and the reading assignment lists, would be marked "Completed!" when all of the underlying sections have been marked completed.
Another suggestion: that it is possible to mark questions as "favourites" and not only "recycle" when you go through the questions connected to the notes section. Now it is only possible to mark them as favourites once you've answered them once in the Questions section.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.