AuthorTopic: Sitting Level 1 in Dec - how strong is my platform?
@2017-09-11 12:29:57
Hi there folks,

I know that preparing for CFA is an individual thing - and I've scoured the forums looking to answer some of my questions. Yet despite the two aforementioned acknowledgements, I want to throw a few questions out to see if I can get some further insight.

- I come from an Eng background with no academic experience in finance or accounting
- I have been working in a commodities and futures field for the past 5 years - all my knowledge was acquired through day to day workings and certain books i picked up along the way
- To enhance my knowledge in the field I recently undertook two courses from my local university - 1) Capital Markets and Portfolio management 2) financial account - beginners. In both the courses I've scored very good marks.

Now I am looking to give my CFA Level 1 exam this december.

I also work full time - usually pulling in 12-14 hours Monday through Saturday. And, with prior commitments I wouldn't be able to begin studying till end of September. With this in mind, and my background above -

1) will studying in all of Sept, all Oct, and all Nov be enough to prepare for the Dec exam?
2) Are there any other strategies I can leverage upon considering that knowledge learned from Cap Mkts + Fin Acct is still sitting fresh in my memory? For example my university offers a CFA tutorial course for over 2000 dollars, there are smaller online courses that charge north of $1000 - will these be worth it given my background?

PS. I know topics like ethics still requires coverage on its own outside my knowledge from the two courses undertaken - Capital markets and Accounting.
3) With the PS note above aside, what additional major topics do I need to cover through self study till Dec? In short - how strong is my platform/base for the december exam?

If anyone is able to help me out - in my planning stages for the CFA L1 - I'd appreciate your input very much


CFA Discussion Topic: Sitting Level 1 in Dec - how strong is my platform?

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