AuthorTopic: Skipping readings
@2017-04-02 09:56:58
Hello everyone,
With only less than 60 days left until the exam, I still need to do a lot. Since I know I won't be able to fit everything into my schedule anymore, I was wondering whether you know if I can skip the readings that do not have any practice problems? For example, reading 40 has no practice problems. Does this mean there will be no/ relatively few questions about this topic in the exam? Hope you have some advice for me. Thanks! and a lot of success to all of you who still need to do a lot of studying! Deborah
@2017-04-29 17:10:02
I am in the same boat. My strategy now is to bulk up on the categories with heavy weighting that I don't know. My manager, who was formerly president of the local CFA society, recommended just reading the LOS, finding answer, writing down. Makes alot of sense, but impractical for some LOS (ie different acct ratios and ethics). Good luck

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh