AuthorTopic: so frustrated - please help!
@2017-10-26 10:47:58
Dear members: I could really use some of your guidance. I'm way over 45 and decided in January (I actually love to challenge myself in general) that I wanted to do the CFA level 1 - so I signed up and started studying regularly. I thought I'd need quite some time - I did quite a lot of banker's exams but did not study economics.

Since January I've been plowing through the material which per se I find quite challenging. I have a tough job (start at 7 or so, am home at 8, study about 2 hours in the evening, about 6 hours per day on the weekends, sometimes I have to travel for work and then it's practically impossible to study - one of the reasons I thought I'd need more time). My Dad also died recently - so it's hard. how do you guys manage?
@2017-10-30 23:20:47
Why are you doing CFA besides you want a challenge, because there are other challenging things that are much more fun. I wouldn't take it at 45 unless it was for some sort of career advancement.

CFA Discussion Topic: so frustrated - please help!

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh