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@2016-06-08 10:59:28
Handling adversity and climbing every ladder matters
Getting the CFA isnt the end of the road isnt it? But between an MBA and a CFA who performs better in the financial world....Its the application of what you learn more important .....Whats the whole point of getting a designation??? Confusing....Kindly clarify....
@2016-06-08 19:27:48
I sat for Level II yesterday, and I've been wondering the same thing. I will also be starting my second year in the MBA program in the fall.

In my opinion, I think if I would have just spent 5 hours a night for the past 6 months reading, I could have become an expert in one thing, as opposed to learning just what others wanted me to. But then again, I would have nothing to "prove" I know this stuff, other than the actual knowledge. So the CFA charter and an MBA help with marketability, but to be honest, as most people finish writing an exam they forget whatever it was that they were supposed to know for the exam.

I would recommend absorbing all you can through reading, etc. Just go to amazon and type in investing in the search. They probably have lists of books that you can read as well. Hope this helps.
@2016-06-10 03:54:27
I think your own attitude toward the subject matters is more important than anything else!
@2018-09-09 23:00:38
Try to get CFA and MBA. There make you more interesting for company. For both, there are pros and cons.

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